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Are you getting divorced? separated? or have had a death in the family? If so, we can help - strictly confidential service with a kind and caring attitude (for both men and women)...read on and also check out our BIO link for references.

In nearly every family there is a woman somewhere - making, or helping to make, family-centered decisions. Who will you choose to help protect your family's greatest asset?

One of the most important decisions ever made, is to sell the house the family now owns. Sometimes this decision is trauma -related, like a corporate transfer to a new city, or a marriage breakup, or even an estate sale - other times a move is a joyous occasion, one full of celebration.

In many cases a real estate counselor certainly could take much of the pressure off the family. If you ever find yourself, as the woman of the family, in need of advice, or if you know someone else who needs advice, please call Carolyne. Carolyne understands. Carolyne cares. Call now. Complete confidentiality. Professional, courteous service.

For helpful, free information regarding the current value of your home or any other listing you see - Always CALL Carolyne - the one who REALLY gets results. Carolyne lists and sells houses, lots and lots of houses!


Thank you Brampton for voting us "Number 2" Best Real Estate Company in the Reader's Choice Awards. We accept this honour with much gratitude and look forward to serving you, too, in the near future.


For further information, please contact us. We provide full MLS service. Carolyne has been in the business for more than 30 years, and in 1991 opened her own real estate brokerage firm. We're proud of our references and, we'd be proud to sell your home, too. (Complimentary gift certificate for home market evaluations. Give one to a friend who is thinking of selling.)

Pass it on. Please tell your friends. Referrals welcome.

NO PRESSURE Real Estate.

Small Company but we're BIG in Brampton.

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