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We screen buyers who call regarding your home to ascertain whether or not they can afford it.

We co-ordinate and record all appointments for viewing your home, appointments by other Realtors® to pre-inspect, as well as actual showings to customers. Members of the public must be accompanied by a "Licensed" Realtor® when they enter your home. Never allow someone into your home without a confirmed appointment. Call your agent. SAFETY FIRST. (Would you want just anybody, or unqualified buyers, roaming around your home?) Protect your investment. Your next best investment is your choice of Realtor®. Don't take unnecessary chances. Call us today!

We call back all MLS showings for feedback and follow-up, and take advantage of another opportunity to promote your home, once again, to other sales reps.

We call you regularly to report this feedback along with other comments, so you will be up to date in case any adjustments are required.

We advertise regularly, as well, your property is promoted through TREBVISION full MLS services through the Brampton Real Estate Board and the Toronto Real Estate Board access agreement, in the immediate area, and to more than 43,000 real estate sales representatives servicing Erin, Action, Georgetown, Caledon, Caledon East, Bolton, Malton as well as surrounding Toronto, Mississauga, and Oakville areas. Anyone can sell your home, but who is there to protect your interests?

At your request, when you list with us, we will pay for a written Appraisal by Hendren Appraisals to justify or verify your asking price. This is the same sort of appraisal a bank will request a purchaser to provide for a mortgage approval if the purchaser requires financing. You can then really see for yourself why it is so important to "price it right" (area restrictions apply). You see, not only the buyer must qualify - the ultimate sale price of your home must meet rigid restrictions applied by the bank or other lending institution, as well. Most buyers do require some sort of financing.

We help you negotiate the very best selling price that the market will bear, and we are there for you any hour of the day or night to prove it. And, yes, we're on the INTERNET.

THIS IS THE BEST DEAL IN TOWN! It's OK to call. Take advantage by calling now. Remember, if your house doesn't sell, you pay absolutely nothing. We take all the risk. There are no upfront costs to you. Protect your investment. Always sell and buy only through a "Licensed" Realtor®. Why would you even think of calling anyone else?


To have been voted the #2 Best Real Estate Company in the Reader's Choice Awards by the homeowners in Brampton, is a crowning achievement in my career. I accept this honour with much gratitude. And, like Avis, you know that we always try harder to fill your needs. When you choose to do business with us, you, in turn are the ultimate winner.


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