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What can Upstaging do for you? How much extra can you get when you sell your home using Carolyne’s Upstaging procedure? What does your competition know, that you don’t know? Many know that Carolyne knows what to suggest that brings top dollar.

When your home is on the market other homes in your immediate vicinity are your competition: homes of like value, style, and price. Other homes within a few miles’ radius are also your competition. But when a buyer is coming to your town to live, from out of town, then your whole town becomes your competition. They can choose from a long list homes just like yours, all over town. How will your home attract buyers to book an appointment to view the interior? What can you do, to make this happen? If your Realtor cannot get appointments for your particular property through sign calls, this means that perhaps curb appeal is missing. Many buyers have no imagination. What they see is what they see. They cannot visualize any further than what they see from the curb position.

All the other properties for sale in the same general price range as yours – well, they are “all” your competition. The buyer often will have several properties, at the very least, from which to choose. How does he compile a short list of those he would like to view inside or inquire about as to further information? How will you make your home stand out in the crowd and get noticed? What can you do?

Have you ever seen listings on the MLS Internet sites with photos that show the toilet seat up? Dirty dishes in the sink? Clothing lying about on the floors, laundry in the basement piled sky-high among the paint cans? Otherwise beautiful homes, which are not being marketed to the best advantage for the homeowner. Who would let the world into the private quarters of their home this way?

Well, apparently plenty of people do, because views of rooms in homes like this are readily apparent on the Internet on MLS listings. WHAT were the owners thinking? And, WHAT was their agent thinking? Likewise an exterior shot appears showing a front door that hasn’t seen a fresh coat of paint in eons, and the shutters are askew; with old cars mounted up on blocks, or cars parked sideways across driveways. Now what kind of curb appeal is this? What does it say about the street where you live? Do you think maybe this vision serves to devalue the property, and perhaps as a neighbour, your own home?

Would you go to work wearing your pajamas or as men, in your underwear? Or with rollers in your hair, or leftover paint in your beard? The same concept applies when you offer your home for sale. Image, perceived or otherwise, drives the market price, up or down. A house that is offered for sale is now open for the world to see; often with views of rooms full of oversize overstuffed furniture, or furniture that is totally wrong for the shape and configuration of the specific space, blocking traffic flow. Given the option of buying your property or one that has been Upstaged, which one would a buyer be more likely to choose to look at? Which home would the buyer volunteer to pay top dollar for? provided they are both approximately the same asking price? Don’t sellers think this through? And, if they don’t, has their agent not offered advice how to get top dollar?

Which home out of all the ones you see For Sale signs on, would attract your attention if you were a buyer? Not always, of course, but most likely you would choose the one that stood out from the crowd in some way; first it has to make you stop and take a good look and evaluate whether or not the home has any appeal to you at all. But the magic is in getting the would-be buyer to stop and take that first look. That’s not to say a home should be garish. Unique homes sometimes take longer to sell, and sell for less. We’re not talking about those kinds of homes. We’re talking about “your” home. With just a little bit of attention, and perhaps no extra money being spent at all, Carolyne can show you how she gets top dollar for homes that are listed with her, often thousands of extra dollars for what looks like, from the street, the exact same house as one down the street. Find out how she does this by calling before you list your home for sale. There’s really a very simple solution. Carolyne calls this method of marketing homes – UPSTAGING! and neutralizing the home zone.

Ask Carolyne how much money you should (or shouldn’t) spend to achieve a higher sale price. She knows. Sometimes spending additional money is not necessary at all. Sometimes you just need to re-arrange items in your home, put away special-to-you items that don’t let the buyer concentrate on how your home could be his home, or Upstage with items you already own.

As part of the marketing program at CAROLYNE REALTY CORP., Carolyne will do your Upstaging for “free”, when you list with her. Learn how you possibly can increase your bottom line by as much as 10-15% in real dollars.

Several homes listed by Carolyne recently sold for top dollar in their neighbourhoods, following the Upstaging procedure. The homeowners put out fresh white fluffy towels, hung new shower curtains and placed bright flower-filled pots at the entrance pathways. How simple is this? In one example the owners had been prepared to list at $350,000 with the hope of getting close to asking price. With Carolyne’s Upstaging, they were able to list at $359,000 with multiple offers, and they were able to sell above the listed price, at $365,000, very quickly. That’s more than $15,000 more than they initially had been prepared to settle for, and they only spent very little dollars in Upstaging.

Another homeowner was told by a local agent to list at $340,000. Carolyne Upstaged their home, listed it at $369,000 and it sold at full price the first week on the market, and there were other buyers also wanting it who didn’t get there fast enough. That’s an additional $29,000 the owners received and their only out of pocket costs were for a few flowers, strategically placed. Carolyne just rearranged their existing furnishings. They did “everything” she told them to do. Carolyne knows what works to get homeowners top selling prices.

Then these sellers referred a family member, who had recently tried unsuccessfully to sell their home with another company, to Carolyne. The previous agent had done a nice MLS presentation, but the pictures offered for the public to view spoiled the marketing for this beautiful home entirely by not showing it in its finest form. Again, Carolyne’s personalized Upstaging method caused this home to sell for top dollar, pronto, too. Cost to the owners for Upstaging – NOTHING! So much of Carolyne’s business comes from happy buyers and sellers telling their friends to call Carolyne, too.

Then there is the home where Carolyne had the owners scrub the oak handrail on the stairs with a bristle brush and cleanser. With several children in the house, the handrail had never been cleaned and it was the first thing buyers would see when they entered the house. She had the owners replace the light switch covers and paint the baseboards, change some light fixtures, take down all personal items such as baby pictures, and again, the home had many compliments and several offers. Folks, Carolyne’s Upstaging WORKS! Find out how Carolyne can Upstage your home to bring a top dollar sale price for you. Call today to book your Upstaging appointment.

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