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After a month of trying to sell your home "By Owner", you have listed it with a Realtor who doesn't seem to be marketing it the same way you did. You ran classified ads every week, but your agent has only advertised twice all month. However, there is a lot more activity than you were able to generate on your own. Why do you suppose this is so?

When your home is being marketed professionally, the Realtor has many powerful selling tools that are not available to individual homeowners, such as national and worldwide referral networks, relocation companies, and the Multiple Listing Service - MLS.

Realtors advertise other homes that may result in a call from the people who ultimately will buy your home, not the one being advertised. What did you do with all those names and numbers who called on your home, but never bought it? An agent will turn those inquiry calls on your home into contracts on other people's homes. That's what is supposed to happen. After all, the agent is personally paying for those ads, some costing thousands of dollars. Advertising your home produces would-be buyers for some property, some place, but not likely a buyer for your home, specifically. Newspaper advertising rarely produces a buyer for a specific home. It is a method for agents to acquire new contacts to add to their database. Today’s savvy buyers often use the web, by surfing the Net to locate properties. How is your home being marketed on line?

If you are selling your home privately, you can check out how we would display your home on our web site when you are listed with Carolyne Realty Corp. by clicking here.

Agents sell houses by "talking", talking to everyone they know or come in contact with. This is called "working their SOI”, their sphere of influence: their friends, colleagues, church groups or other affiliations such a golfing acquaintances, bowling leagues, their children's friends' parents, perhaps ones they meet at little league, and on and on the SOI list goes. Advertising keeps the agent's name out there in front of the public. Who do you think sees ads for your home, then calls that agent to list their home? not to buy yours. Your home is being used as a marketing tool for the listing agent, to bring in more business to the company. That is just how it works.

We work cooperatively and share information about listings with other agents. By listing with one Realtor, Carolyne Realty Corp., you have access to other agents' buyers through our contacts and methods of marketing your home, but Carolyne is there, personally, to negotiate your contract, to represent you, to work “for you”. These tools enable us to market our listings aggressively to get sales action! to sell your home and post a SOLD SIGN on your property.

Ask us about our "special FSBO" contracts that approach the business in a whole different way. If you are thinking about selling your home privately, and feel you don't need the help of a full service contract, we can show you how to use our services for your negotiation and protection, get your home into the MLS service, and still save money. If you would like to discuss this procedure, just call or send an email.

Please remember me when you are ready to sell or ready to buy - and please tell your friends how promptly we responded to your request. Perhaps share our web site url with your friends, relatives and business associates, and bookmark it in your favourites for use again on another day. There is a wealth of information on our web site that doesn't cost you a penny to read, to help educate yourself as to how to protect your contract, get the best price, and make your move a treasured experience.

We're here if you need help, and you can leave us a voice mail message 24/7 if you have any further questions or send an email note to

Carolyne 905-458-6711


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Please note that MLS means other agents sell our listings and we sell theirs. If you see any signs or ads of any interest, please let me know, and I will gladly pass the information over to you by email or telephone, immediately.

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Brampton's Home Staging Coach will provide you with a 1-hour complimentary (value $375) consultation to tell you why your house won't sell (for top dollar) - didn't sell when it was listed - and show you how to get more money when it does sell.

This service is provided absolutely FREE for a limited time only, when you list your home in Brampton, Bramalea, Heart Lake or Springdale, with Carolyne Realty Corp..

Staging your home to show at its best for viewing, requires certain skills that you may already have, but just haven't thought about. Let CAROLYNE show you how this technique WILL bring you a higher sale price. There are services available to show you these techniques, and some charge as much as $15,000. Yes, you read it right. Carolyne will provide this service to you, absolutely FREE of charge. Call or email her today. Find out how to get thousands more for your home.

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