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Here is an easy summer recipe that I put together quite by accident recently, and it was so delicious that I thought I should share it...

As much special tender spinach (flat-leaf tender young leaves) as you require for a good plate-full of salad (washed, and dried in a tea towel), one or two cold quartered boiled eggs (or as many as you like), a handful of very fresh chopped or sliced white button mushrooms, and sweet black olives, whole (as many as you like - they are absolutely delicious!).

On a serving plate or bowl, place equal parts of your very best, favourite, olive oil and top-of-the-line balsamic black vinegar. Add a pinch of dried basil, and a pinch of dried mint, and sprinkle with fresh ground peppercorns. Add a little sweet paprika powder to the chopped hard-boiled eggs. There is no salt in this recipe (unless you crave it). Garnish with large shrimp or tomato wedges.

THAT'S IT!!! just add a portion of the spinach mixture, and you have as many individual servings as you need. Toss with two forks on your own plate... (this way the leftover greens mixture can be placed in the fridge - in a sealed plastic food bag) for later in the day, or if you are lucky - next day's lunch.


SPINACH FOR ALL SEASONS – (or no excuse to not eat spinach). 

Wash spinach well to remove sand particles. Shake off excess water, but do not dry the leaves. Place in a covered skillet, and “sweat” the spinach the way you would onions, until spinach is “just wilted”. The excess water will be in the bottom of the pan. Drain spinach in a colander. Push out the excess water from the spinach, and toss out any leftover water from the skillet. 

In the same skillet, on medium high heat, cook finely chopped rashers of bacon until nearly crisp, but not crunchy. Remove bacon from pan and keep warm on a covered plate, leaving the stuck-on bits on the bottom of the pan. If there is a lot of excess fat, remove some of it, but not all. Leave, perhaps, about three tablespoons of the bacon fact, for an average family-size serving of spinach. 

In the same skillet, sauté  a half-cup of finely chopped sweet white onions, until they are “just” done, not overcooked. When the onions are nearly cooked, add a smashed garlic clove, keeping heat down. Careful not to burn the garlic or you won’t be able to eat it. Toss gently, and add a little salt and freshly ground pepper. Add the chopped, cooked bacon back into the skillet. Turn off the heat and set aside to keep warm for a few seconds while you finish the spinach. 

After all the excess moisture has been pushed out of the spinach, place spinach on a cutting board and gently chop with a sharp knife. Add chopped spinach to bacon, onion and garlic mix. Place in a serving dish that you have warmed with boiling water, because spinach cools rapidly. 

Now deglaze the skillet with your favorite brandy or cognac. The alcohol will vanish, just leaving the flavor. Just a few tablespoons will do it. Scrape the bits from the bottom of the pan using an egg turner backwards, and pour the spirits over the spinach mixture. 

Serve with your favorite vegetables and meat for dinner. 

This same mixture can be used for stuffing a rolled veal or pork roast, and can also be used to stuff an omelet or crepe for a nice light lunch or brunch. If you really want to go overboard, serve a dollop of sour crème with the omelet or crepe. YUMMMM!  There won’t be leftovers. 



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