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Paint Visualizer

Should you paint your house before you sell it?

PINK and YELLOW and PURPLE and GREEN . . . there is a line in a song that goes something like this.

Now: You are going to paint your house WHAT COLOUR?

You can't hardly even imagine what all your choices will look like when it all comes together? Well, now you can. And you won't even have to play guessing games. You can play on your computer all day long, changing the colour of the outside of your house, the inside of your house, or even room by room by room. All within in the privacy of your own home.

You can check each colour with a family member, with a neighbour or a friend. Perhaps take your laptop to your paint store and show the salesperson "exactly" what colour paint you want to buy. How are you going to achieve all these "looks?"

Just click this link and off you go. So simple. So easy. No more guessing games.

Although it is typically true that neutral colours help a home in Burlington or Brampton to sell faster and for more money, equally true is that clean is king. because if your home is neutral AND clean, you can look to the marketplace to bring you a fast sale and the opportunity of getting the highest price. Of course Carolyne knows how to get, for you, the very highest price in your neighbourhood. You should call to find out how.

Now, neutral does not have to mean beige. There is a mindset out there that follows the beige patterning. Sometimes this idea got started because many people lived in apartments before they bought a house. In the apartment, often no painting of walls was permitted. So, people worked around it. They used colour in their furnishings to brighten up the place. But now that you own your own home and especially if you are thinking of selling your home, a fresh coat of colour can make magic happen. Yes. I said colour. Neutral, easy on the eye colours perform best and will reward you handsomely. But neutral absolutely does not have to mean beige, or any version of it. But just as important as your choice of colour is your colour coordination, and the continuity of whatever colour you choose. How one room or space relates to nearby walls has a huge connection and impacts your sale price in a big way. Check it out for yourself using the free visualizer program.

Buyers, when they walk into your front door, make an on the spot decision. Your house will sell right (or not) from that vantage point. Every time. The buyer will buy or will not buy, based on what they see at the front door. They will, of course, walk through the whole house. But in their mind's eye, they are doing so to validate the decision they already made, even if they don't know it yet: back at the front door. Now, speaking of front doors: A fresh coat of paint on the front door can bring you big extra dollars when you sell your home.

This is the place to really let your own heart sing. Choosing a strong, unusual colour for your front door can make your place stand out among others the buyers have been viewing. Also: don't forget to polish the doorknob. Yes. You read that right. And, perhaps now is the time to replace your doorbell button (or at least give it a good scrub), and update the mailbox (choose anything but brass). Remember: sparkle sells and puts more money in your pocket. Not everything has to be new, but anything that makes your home more attractive at a glance equals big dollars for you.

Now you can check out your colour choices right here and eliminate any guesswork. And, we all know that if a house does not present well from the street, it can often be eliminated from a Buyer's viewing list entirely; they won't even bother calling for an appointment.

So, have fun; go create your own WOW! factor. Come back often to the web site, and tell your friends to check out Carolyne's gift at:
www.BurlingtonExecutiveHomes.com ; www.MillcroftHomes.com or www.BramptonExecutiveHomes.com . Click the Sherwin Williams' visualizer link, and enjoy. Send Carolyne a note to share what you have done at your place and let her know if you find the colour link useful. This link is used by Carolyne Realty Corp., under contract with Sherwin Williams. www.sherwin-williams.com/visualizer

Now for the big offer: List your house with Carolyne and enter a draw to win a gift certificate for the cost of all the Sherwin Williams paint you need for your new house. (some conditions apply). Call for details.

*This material is copyrighted by Carolyne Realty Corp. and may not be reprinted without permission in writing.


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