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SENIORS BEWARE - CLICK HERE To Read The Toronto Star Story - March 2012  


If you have parents who are Seniors, please tell them to be cautious and to investigate all their options when they are ready to sell, and to seek out the opinion of a local neighbourhood expert. Many times Seniors have not sold a home in recent years, sometimes as far back as twenty-five years ago, and often have no "current" market knowledge. Tell them to protect their investment by calling Carolyne when they are ready to sell their home for an up-to-date opinion of value - "before they list".

Carolyne recently listed a home that sold in 2 weeks, for more than $30,000 higher than a top franchise agent at other company told the seller to expect. The same agent told another one of our (seniors) sellers to "list at a price" that was $25,000 less than the sale price we got for them last year, and we had 3 offers on that house, all within dollars of one another, proving our asking price was in the right "range" to bring a sale at top dollar. Carolyne knows your area, and Carolyne knows the market. She has been serving the community for 30 years.Call her today. Plant your "For Sale" sign on solid ground.

One more issue that seniors need to check into very carefully... Carolyne's note to seniors in her market area: Do not buy ANYTHING from someone who knocks on your door or telephones you, wanting to discuss your home or finances. Seek the advice of a trusted and knowledgeable friend or relative or call Carolyne; she has fabulous references, and she will refer you to someone who can help with your finance decisions. NEVER sign for something you do not fully understand. JUST SAY "NO." You could LOSE YOUR HOME and all the equity you have in it. Your children could lose their inheritance. Adult children who have senior parents living in the Burlington or Brampton residential areas, need to pass this information along to them.
Although this scary news clip was posted on an American real estate related web site news feed, the same information can be said about Canadian seniors who are contemplating removing some of their equity using reverse mortgages:

As stated: "Reverse mortgages are complicated and expensive financial products that must be used wisely and regulated carefully, or profit and volume driven sales efforts can open the door to abuses and fraud,” said Odette Williamson, an NCLC attorney. 

The report also highlights the danger of predators who use reverse mortgages as tools in schemes to steal the home equity of unsuspecting seniors, or to fund the purchase of expensive insurance and financial products that pay high commissions." 



Are you aware that Seniors who are Brampton homeowners, are on title to the property, and reside in the property, if they can provide proof that they receive the guaranteed income supplement from the government, can apply for and receive up to a $300. annual rebate on their property taxes, from the City of Brampton? You must reapply every year.

The $300. is applied to the final billing for the year. Every dollar counts. Don't miss out on your opportunity to save on your property taxes if you, or someone you know or are related to, qualifies.

Perhaps pass this information along to Senior homeowners that you know about, in Brampton. And tell them you found out about it through Carolyne Realty Corp.

You can check out the details and download the form at this url:

Ontario Senior Assessment Property Tax Grant


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