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If you would like to remain anonymous, and would like to know general statistical data about real estate values in your immediate location, just send us an email. By doing so, you are giving us permission to email the information back to you. Our only request is that if you already are under contract with another agent, please respect your contract. It is not our desire to interfere with an existing contract belonging to another agent or agency.

We will prepare a private report specifically for you, showing you the mean (average), median price range, the high and the low, as well as comparable taxes on those properties; how many homes were marketed in a given period and other vital information for comparison purposes so you can "follow the market" in your own area.

In order to define the information as accurately as possible, we need to know the intersection and quadrant where you live, such as the NorthWest corner of Dixie & Queen Streets, or the SouthEast quadrant of Hwy. 10 & Mayfield (we know what types of homes were built when by using that information, without actually having your own address).

Provide us with the "type of home" for which you require the information: for example - a fully detached home, with or without a garage (1,2,3); a semi-detached home, with or without a garage; a townhouse, with or without a garage. Add any particular information you want to compare such as newer homes, older homes, 2 storeys or bungalows.

The more info you provide the better detailed your personal report will be.

This information is provided compliments of Carolyne at Carolyne Realty Corp.

Please remember me when you are ready to sell or ready to buy - and please tell your friends how promptly we responded to your request. Perhaps share our web site url with your friends, relatives and business associates, and bookmark it in your favourites for use again on another day.



www.carolyne.com 905-458-6711 or www.iWantToBeYourAgent.com


Please note that MLS means other agents sell our listings and we sell theirs. If you see any signs or ads of any interest, please let me know, and I will gladly pass the information over to you by email or telephone, immediately.

"The nicest compliment that you can give me is to refer your
neighbours, friends, business associates, and family".




Here are copies of reference letters I recently received. I have a large number
of wonderful letters I can show you. This is just a current example of
recent ones. There are also quite a few on my web site... if you would like to view them on your computer.

Carolyne - the name most recommended. The one who REALLY gets results. Call any time, if you would like real estate information for your area.

CAROLYNE REALTY CORP. Small Company - but we're BIG in Brampton - Where it's the LITTLE things that count and Our Reputation is on the SOLD sign

Reference letters:

 (going through a divorce) Client says:

I just want to take a moment and say that I appreciate your efforts in listing and selling my home. An unfortunate circumstance of a marital breakdown is never an easy sale to handle; for anyone involved. Selling a home can be an emotional experience under any circumstances. Selling a home that one cared about very much and is leaving under unhappy conditions makes the process that much more complicated. From the beginning, I felt that you were the right choice due to your compassion. And yet you approached the business as true business without compromising or taking advantage of the personal matter at hand. Your years of experience is evident to me by the consistency of your management of our sale during very stressful moments.

I don't know what more to say other than thank-you. Your professionalism and personal consideration has been very helpful for me. I wish you continued success in the future.

signed - MWK


(Ms. Taylor was a buyer "and" a seller) Here's what she says:
My past experience with a real estate agent was not as rewarding as the
First Class level of service I received from you Carolyne. What you did,
was simply provide me with a sensible, no-nonsense way of: listening,
returning calls promptly, answering questions, accommodating my schedule and
showing patience and courtesy. You did not give a hard sell when showing a
place and if there were faults, you noted them to me. I appreciated your
knowledge and professionalism and the fact that you took the time to hand
out useful information on moving preparations and facts I needed to know on
budgeting for other costs. It was a pleasure to know you and I would not
hesitate recommending your services to others. Thanks again.
signed - Y. Taylor (you can speak directly to her)


(These folks sold here and relocated) Here's what they say:
I wanted to express our sincere thank you for your EXTREMELY proficient and
professional services. With your years of experience in the industry, and
your "tough as nails" work ethic, you knew exactly what we wanted after one
meeting. Most of the realtors we interviewed were in and out in 10 minutes.
You, however, were there for over an hour, which spoke volumes to us and it
wasn't a big sales pitch either. You only brought qualified buyers, as to
not waste our time and were in touch EVERY single day, after EVERY single
showing to give us feedback, which was great! Without the advice you gave
us on how to 'show' our home, we may still be living in Brampton. But now
we are in Halifax exactly at the time we wanted to be.

I would highly recommend Carolyne Realty Corp. to anyone who doesn't want
the hassles and the "general care" of one of the bigger players out there.
She truly cares about every detail and will not lead you astray!!! Even 2
months after our sale, we still keep in contact through ICQ, which is very
nice because, you never know when we'll be moving back and may need her
again. I would invite any potential clients to call me for more information
on the excellent service we received.

signed - Tammy & Dan


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