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Visit this link for an explanation of current events surrounding the new land transfer tax information as it relates to resale homes (December 2007):

Call this phone number if you want to speak directly to a government employee about the new land transfer tax options, about how to receive your refund when you purchase a resale home:

For more information consumers can call: 1-800-263-7965

And if you have Questions about the HST and how it relates to you personally, additional details on the transition rules, visit the Ontario provincial government web site here or by calling the Ontario provincial government enquiry line set up expressly to field HST calls, at 1-800-337-7222.
ALERT: Since the HST is a new compilation of taxes, and relates to some home purchases but not all, and portions of others, we suggest you use the formula button below to calculate your likely land transfer tax, ONLY as a guide to what the old number would have been, so you can compare, if you are interested in doing so.
To figure out the new tax (HST), as it applies to your personal purchase or sale, click the government link line provided or call them directly, or speak to your law office who is handling your transaction.

We in the industry are being updated regularly as to implications and changes within our own industry, and until time has passed and the information has stabilized, we cannot offer you a calculator that would provide an accurate number at this time.
We accept no liability as to the final tax number you will be required to pay, other than to say the HST will apply to all invoices from real estate offices, law offices, and most related homeownership services, as they apply to the real estate industry at this time.
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