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Our Schools
Hot off the press, this most valuable link will connect you directly with each school in the area - public, secondary, French, and private. Information includes maps of specific locations, names you may want to make contact with for each school as well as email addresses and community information. Please let us know if there is anything missing that you would like to see added to this site.

Are you moving/relocating to the USA?
Here is access to some valuable information you will want to check out first, from the legal self-help arena. Months of interesting reading.

Wonderful URL for children
This amazing site is useful for all sorts of "wonder-ment" for everything from entertainment for children to links that will help them do their homework. Parents will love it, too.

Weather, Anyone???
Travellers and arm-chair travellers alike can get a current weather report for just about any place, including maps and sky reports, just like viewing your tv weather channel.

Y2K --- are your systems compliant?
Most PCs will not enter year 2000 without help. So, from the author of Y2KPCPro and Year2000.Com, here is Test2000.Exe - a simple, complete and free PC hardware year 2000 diagnostic.

Border-crossing Maps - Plan Your Holiday Now
A great map and travel planner that shows you the quickest route; how many miles or km between you and your destination. And, this site is so-oohh easy to use, you'll be amazed. Do a test run between you and your major intersection. You'll be pleasantly surprised.


City of BramptonCity of Brampton
Helpful if you are thinking of relocating your business, too.
Auto Insurance Comparison Chart for the Toronto Area
Requires specific direction but otherwise very important and useful information, when you finally get to where you want to be. Directions: Go to left col. OIC News Releases, then OIC 1997 Rate Guide. Then in right col. click underlined "rate guides," then double click on "Rate Charts," then click on specific city. All major companies are represented, as printed in Toronto Star April 1997. Suggest you print out page of interest in order to get easier viewing of comparisons. All drivers, all ages, will want to view this material, due to recent changes in legislation.
International Currency Converter
Carry a laptop? Just before your trip, check this site. Up-to-the-minute exchange information. You choose currency type. eg. Canadian dollar to German marks, and then you can even convert back again. You know how much your money is worth the moment you check, coming or going. FABULOUS INFORMATION no traveler can afford to be without.
This site has an amazing amount of information for Consumers and Small Businesses that are starting up.
There is information regarding Trade and Development Laws and Regulations; Major financial institutions are represented. Site is in both French and English.
Immigration and Citizenship
If you are thinking emigrating from your land to ours, here is some helpful information.
World Weather - here and beyond
Just follow the map and the links at this site, when you are planning a trip, or even if you want to check in on how the weather is, where your friends and relatives live.



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