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Have you had an insurance problem? Some insurance companies are not writing any new policies. Others are fraught with restrictions.

When you buy or sell a home through CAROLYNE REALTY CORP., we have "the insurance solution". (no, we don't sell insurance - but we know where you can get it when you work with us).

Some folks have bought homes and then discovered that they could not close the deal due to not being able to buy the insurance required by their mortgage company.

NOW WHAT? Well, if you know anyone who is thinking of buying or selling right now and they have not yet signed on with an agent - they need to speak with Carolyne "before" they list, and/or "before" they buy. For most situations, we have a way that can "guarantee" you can get insurance - on the spot (some conditions apply). Talk to us. No obligation. Your privacy is always our priority.

(and how it impacts buyers and sellers in the midst of a transaction)

Due to the many changes in the insurance world, real estate registrants in the Province of Ontario are being offered courses, like the one described below, to help them explain the quandries and nuances affecting buyers and sellers and the likelihood of how not being able to get proof of homeowners' insurance in some cases may impact whether or not your real estate transaction can close.

This means the buyer may not be able to get the keys to their purchase, on the designated moving day, and it may mean the seller does not receive closing funds on the expected day either. REALTORS® will be instructing their buyers and sellers as to the importance of this issue. Expect your REALTOR® to be able to provide answers to help you over this hurdle when buying or selling a home in the Brampton area. Simply ask the REALTOR® you are interviewing for the job of helping you buy or sell a home, to explain the potential pitfalls regarding homeowners' insurance.

Insurance Concerns for Buyers
Course Description [offered by OREA]
Ontario homeowners and homebuyers have been devastated by current conditions in the insurance industry. Insurers are refusing to continue to insure homes as they have always been insured before. In some cases, insurance costs are dramatically higher than expected, and in others, insurance is available only after considerable upgrading to the home. All of this creates an economic hardship for homeowners at a time when they are most stretched financially.

As real estate professionals representing buyers and sellers, registrants should be aware of how insurance requirements can affect a transaction. This course is designed to provide practitioners with an understanding of insurance issues in today's marketplace and how they can affect the decisions made by buyers and sellers.

Learning Objectives
By the end of the course you will be able to:

If you experience a hurricane disaster and such - are you covered? You might find the material in this insurance eBook, both interesting and useful.




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