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Do you want a Brampton Real Estate update for your location? area? Current asking prices? Current sold prices? How much houses are listed at and selling for in your Brampton subdivision? This is public information available through many sources. You can do all the research yourself if you have time, but I have the information at my fingertips already, and I am willing to share it with you.

Why would you even want to know this information, you might ask. One reason would be to compare your local area sold prices to your own property local tax assessment information. Your City taxes are based on what is currently called CVA or 'current value assessment.' The assessment information, prepared by a company called MPAC, is based on sales of comparable properties to yours. You may disagree with your assessment, in which case you can contact MPAC, directly, to discuss the situation. Want to know more? Send me a private note.

Are you aware that Seniors who are Brampton homeowners, are on title to the property, and reside in the property, if they can provide proof that they receive the guaranteed income supplement from the government, can apply for and receive up to a $300. annual rebate on their property taxes, from the City of Brampton? You must reapply every year.

The $300. is applied to the final billing for the year. Every dollar counts. Don't miss out on your opportunity to save on your property taxes if you, or someone you know or are related to, qualifies.

Perhaps pass this information along to Senior homeowners that you know about, in Brampton. And tell them you found out about it through Carolyne Realty Corp.

You can check out the details and download the form at this url:http://www.brampton.ca/finance/T-elderly.tml

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If you want to receive MLS (Multiple Listing Service) information about solds and for-sales in your area, privately, by email, to be made aware of current real estate values and related activity as it happens in your subdivision, just send us a private email by clicking on bramptonhomes@carolyne.com or use any link on our web site, and we'll be pleased to keep you up to date. Please include your "postal code" to get the best results, and your street name, in your email, for accurate information, along with a brief description of your property, such as whether it is detached, semi, townhouse, has garage, etc.

This service is provided by Carolyne Realty Corp. at no cost or obligation to you.

You don't have to identify yourself or your street number if you do not want to. Our only request is that you please remember us when you are ready to buy or sell your own house, and perhaps send our web site home page to your friends and neighbours, so they can read all about it for themselves. Our real estate business is our lifeline, the same way you work for a living to feed your family. Our first obligation is to our own clients. We'd appreciate having you as our client, if and whenever you are ready, but if you have an agent under contract already, please ask for their help. Our time is money, and they are already obligated to serve you. You are at liberty to contact Carolyne if you do not renew your current contract with some other agent. We don't want to interfere with your existing agent.

No pressure real estate. No harassing phone calls. No pesky agents ringing your doorbell. You can even tell them you already have an agent, if you would like Carolyne to represent you when you are ready. We're ready when you are. You can call 905.458.6711, (24/7 message center) or email me privately at: Carolyne@Carolyne.com whenever you want to. I will personally return your email message or your phone call. Carolyne's assistants do not work with the public. Our industry rules say that real estate business can "only" be conducted by licenced REALTORS, not by unlicenced assistants. Carolyne provides personalized real estate service directly working with you, herself. All your information is kept private and confidential at all times.

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This is called "permission marketing," and by sending us an email you are giving us your permission to email the information back to you. Your email address will never be sold or given away to anyone else and will not be put on any spam list.

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