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44 Queen St. East, Suite 214
Brampton, Ontario Canada L6V 1A2


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What's Paint Got to do With it?
     (Got a House to Sell in Burlington?)

Ontario Senior Assessment Property Tax Grant

MPAC says ~ Your house : Your neighbour's house in Burlington
     (Want to know the square footage of your house? Your lot size? tax information? Compare yours to the
     neighbour's property and others nearby? or Carolyne can do this for you - just send a note.)

     (Information you should know about Zoocasa)

Sample Homes for Sale in Burlington

Search real estate in Burlington and area
     (Check MLS listings for Burlington here - view pre-owned homes)

I Want To Sell My Burlington House
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Price For My Burlington House

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How Much Land Transfer Tax Must I Pay When I Buy in Burlington?

A House Just Sold On My Street In Burlington
     How much did they get?

A House Is Listed For Sale On My Street In Burlington
     How much are they asking?

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When you are ready to sell: How would your home look,
marketed like this? or this?

NOTE: Expired Listings - BUT IF YOUR HOME WAS LISTED FOR SALE - AND IT DID NOT SELL - contact "Carolyne" right away to find out why it did not sell.


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