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"Hands across the border" - our hearts and prayers are with our colleagues, clients, and families in the USA.

Carolyne likes to say that she works the streets: at the Intersection of Buying and Selling. She has hundreds of letters from clients and customers who tell their friends, neighbours and business colleagues to call her before they list or buy, if they want the "best service" available today in the business of Real Estate in Brampton. She has been told countless numbers of times that she has the "most user-friendly" realty web site on the Net. THANK YOU, for your vote of confidence, your trust, and appreciation.

We want you to be happy! Please tell your friends to call "THAT GIRL REAL ESTATE."
(That Girl would be "Carolyne" at CAROLYNE REALTY CORP.)

Each and every Seller and Buyer is special. We treat every client like they are the only one we have. Each one is special, and different, and "you," as our client(s) are always the most important one we have today. Thank you for choosing Carolyne to represent you next time you buy or sell a home in Brampton.

We are members of the Brampton Real Estate Board; an access member of the Toronto Real Estate Board, a member of the Ontario Real Estate Association, and a member of the Canadian Real Estate Association. We are licenced under the Real Estate and Business Brokers Act, REBBA, in the Province of Ontario, and we are governed, as are all Ontario REALTORS, by the self-governing council called RECO, the Real Estate Council of Ontario.

(CAUTION: Not all real estate companies are REALTORS and not all companies who list houses are licenced). You might want to check out their credentials before you pay upfront money to put your house on MLS, thinking perhaps that you are doing business with a full-service company who must follow the CODE of ETHICS and the rules and regulations that tightly govern the real estate industry. Not so always, and when things go wrong as they sometimes do, you will have no recourse or avenue of compliance to rely upon. One example question you might ask for is proof of insurance. All REALTORS "must carry insurance."

Brampton MLS homes for sale is a system of sharing listing information within in the real estate industry, and this means we sell other agents' listings and they sell ours. "I want to be your agent." Find out how personal representation works, for sellers and for buyers. Discover the Power of Carolyne's Personal Brampton MLS Real Estate service. I can answer questions you have about any listing in our MLS system. Check out this link to learn more about my personal service -
Carolyne's Brampton Home Buyers and Sellers Speak

Rest assured: Your Privacy is safe with us. None of your information will be shared with anyone else, sold or in any way compromised. That's our GUARANTEE! We abide by the CREA 2003 Privacy Act rules and regulations, now Federal Law as of January 1, 2004. Click here to find out more information you "must have". All agents must comply; it's the Law.

What do you do for the customer who wants everything? - MORE!

Carolyne Realty Corp. is a REALTOR specializing in helping sellers to sell their homes quickly, and for more money than the next nearest sale in their area, when they list with Carolyne.

We have a special program called the "Preferred Client Marketing Program" - one for sellers, and one for buyers - that is the secret to our marketing approach. Even if you are not interested in moving right now, you need this information NOW. File it for future use. Email or call us today.

Our competitors are always trying to copy what we do, but they've never figured out our secret weapon.

Call today to find out if you qualify to be included in our current "Preferred Client Marketing Program", and to find out how you can sell your house, and NET MORE MONEY IN YOUR OWN POCKET.

You'll be amazed how simple it is for you to get the highest price.

AND, if you are a BUYER, I can be your own personal agent, actually representing you, and, your contract negotiations also will be protected - by a skilled, professional negotiator who believes in the win-win philosophy. I can work specifically for YOU and be YOUR personal and private contract representative.

In today's world, BUYERS need their own personal representation, too. All your information will be held in strictest confidence. LET ME SHOW YOU HOW to buy your next home, at the very best possible price.

In today's world, BUYERS need their own personal representation, too. All your information will be held in strictest confidence. LET ME SHOW YOU HOW to buy your next home, at the very best possible price.

IMPORTANT agent disclaimer notice: If you are buying or selling real estate in the Province of Ontario Canada, and you are reading these articles, please replace the word or term "agent" with the word or term "registrant." New rules dictate that real estate salespeople, real estate sales representatives, and brokers and brokers of record must no longer call themselves agents, but must refer to themselves as registrants and insist on being called registrants (not agents), when they are [licenced – prior term] registered, in the Province of Ontario.

Disclaimer: The word Realtor, realtor, or any reference similar should be read as REALTOR(r); the term/word REALTOR(r) is a registered trademark. Likewise, the word/term MLS (r). As in all pre-printed manuscript copy, whether at/through publishing houses or in manuscript form already in print, in book form, or articles, unless all the materials are recalled and forced to be reprinted, you will often find various spellings of the terms. This does not make it right, but factual, nonetheless. Not all materials can be reprinted. It is just too costly. By drawing your attention to the correct form, we advise all readers to take note, and adjust your reading accordingly; note that some newspapers have been exempted from the NAR:CREA rules as to spellings (example REM - Real Estate Magazine), and the same requirements do not apply. Thank you.



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Should I list with a large company or a small company?
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Carriage Walk Homes News
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HST and buying a house
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Realtor Costs : Your Costs

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INSIDER TRADING - Be Careful What You Say - and to Whom
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Heads-up news on Buyer Agents and Buyer Agency
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Commissioning an Agent

Home Inspections - How Important Are They?
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Important Phone Numbers for Moving Day
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Must I leave it? Or can I take it with me when I sell my house?
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FSBO's - (For Sale By Owner)
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Expired's - Is Your Listing Finished?
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Are You Buying a New Brampton Home from a Builder?
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Tips For When You Buy a New Home from a Builder?
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Whose Job is it to fix this, anyway? (in Brampton)

Legal Tips
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50 PLUS - Seniors Beware!
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Are you a Brampton SNOWBIRD ?
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Check out your Brampton subdivision or neighbourhood
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A Little History About Carolyne Realty Corp. in Brampton
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When You List Your Brampton Property With Us...

Real Estate "word definitions", from RealtyU

I need a Realtor OUT OF TOWN

About Us: BIO, Client References & Awards

Real Estate Weekender Newspaper report
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Brampton Information You Need

City of Brampton information you need
     (where to find: tax assessment info; landlord issues & more)
     Click Here to read all about Brampton in Wikipedia

Relocation & Local Area Links
     (Schools, city, transportation, immigration and other info)

Brampton Real Estate "24-hour HOT LINE"

Shelter Pup's Life Saved

From Brampton: highway traffic cams posted across Hwy. 401
     (watch live-eye traffic flow along all major Hwy. routes - N/S; E/W)

Woman's Place - Your Place?
     Divorced? Separated? Widow?

Child Off To School? Invest vs Rent!

REM (Real Estate Magazine) and Carolyne's Recipes
     (Real Estate Industry News and Carolyne's Cooking columns)

Strawberry Recipes!

Turkey Recipe!

Summer-Love Spinach Salad and Spinach for All Seasons

Agents Online Real Estate Idea Center

Canadian Banks

Did You Lose Your Wallet? - or was it stolen?
     (safety first - what you MUST DO pronto)

Insurance - Traffic tickets and motorists' rights

Brampton - New Hospital Update Information Link





more than 30 years proudly serving Brampton Executive home owners.

Let THIS REALTOR be "your partner" in real estate whether you are buying or selling a home. The best investment you can make in real estate is the agent you choose to represent you. I look forward to working "for you". Send me an email or telephone 905-458-6711


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