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Carolyne left a career of many years as a textbook copy editor/indexer, working with lexicographers and professors - helping them get their manuscript copy into book form - across the country, to follow a dream she had for many years - that of one day being a Realtor.

She jokingly says she left a real job to go to one with no sure paycheck. She had no idea where her immediate success would lead, and truly had no idea of how successful her personal approach to helping people buy and sell homes had become. Many articles have been written about Carolyne's unconventional methods of doing business. Her philosophy is just that when you treat people right, they keep coming back, and sending referrals.

Carolyne's hobbies include gourmet cooking, writing articles regarding real estate, and (very) late-night reading - mostly business related materials. And, of course, now learning new things about how to achieve even more success, using the Net.

Carolyne Lederer has been serving clients in the City of Brampton (Toronto), Ontario Canada (Brampton, Bramalea, Heart Lake areas, and now Springdale, too) for more than more than 30 years. First as a sales representative and later as a broker. She has sold many homes over and over again in that period, and testimonials galore attest (see web site ) to the quality care she provides to her buyers, sellers, their friends, relatives and business associates.

In 1991, Carolyne opened her own boutique brokerage house, Carolyne Realty Corp., having left a national company, Royal LePage, as their number one sales representative in her region of 3000 sales people and was number twenty-two out of 9000 across Canada, consistently a member of the coveted company awards: President's Gold, Top 10 Award, Award of Excellence, and National Chairman's Club (top fifty agents in the country). Carolyne still speaks highly of, and has many fond memories of, her success while at Royal Lepage.

As an independent company, Carolyne Realty Corp. has consistently been voted number two best company in the city to do real estate business with, by the people of the City of Brampton. This was a major achievement in Carolyne's career as she was up against the huge franchise companies with hundreds of salespeople. Some people thought she was wrong to advertise being number two - but when you think about the odds, and the huge numbers of agents at the other companies, this was considered a BIG WIN by Carolyne and her staff.

Here is Carolyne Realty Corp.'s USP

Carolyne Realty Corp. is a REALTOR specializing in helping sellers to sell their homes quickly, and for more money than the next nearest sale in their area, when they list with Carolyne.

We have a special program called the "Preferred Client Marketing Program" - one for sellers, and one for buyers - that is the secret to our marketing approach. Even if you are not interested in moving right now, you need this information NOW. File it for future use. Email or call us today.

Our competitors are always trying to copy what we do, but they've never figured out our secret weapon.

Call today to find out if you qualify to be included in our current "Preferred Client Marketing Program", and to find out how you can sell your house, and NET MORE MONEY IN YOUR OWN POCKET.

You'll be amazed how simple it is for you to get the highest price.

AND, if you are a BUYER, I can be your own personal agent, actually representing you, and, your contract negotiations also will be protected - by a skilled, professional negotiator who believes in the win-win philosophy. I can work specifically for YOU and be YOUR personal and private contract representative.

In today's world, BUYERS need their own personal representation, too. All your information will be held in strictest confidence. LET ME SHOW YOU HOW to buy your next home, at the very best possible price.

We want you to be happy! Please tell your friends to call the "name most recommended". And - before you 'start packin', if I were you - I'd "call Carolyne".

  We're the Executive Homes agent, including Junior Executive and Luxury LITTLE Homes. Executive homes come in all sizes, and all prices... Small company but we're big in residential real estate success - where it's the LITTLE things that count & our reputation is on the SOLD SIGN.(TM)

Email or or or

Call Today 905.458.6711. You will receive a prompt PERSONAL response from CAROLYNE!


Let Carolyne show you how it's done: A level of service, expertise, and excellence you will have difficulty matching anywhere else. ©


February 10, 2012.

(These Buyers moved into the area three years ago. This thank you post appeared on a real estate forum run out of San Diego, CA where colleagues were discussing the importance of a For Sale sign on the lawn of a Seller wishing to sell his house. The post was submitted by a colleague, the Buyer.

People relocating from one area to another often have a difficult time deciding what part of town to settle in, in any town. Relocating from another country, in this case, the USA, is often an even more difficult challenge. It took many months to find the just right place, during their absence, frequented by impromptu visits, but being at the ready when the right house appears on the market is vital in such a situation.)

* * * (below the post is my posted response, on the forum. It points out how the transaction got started and got finished. It might be useful to the general buying and selling public to review how I got this transaction consummated. It is never easy to find the just right house, but here I have spelled out in a little detail how it happens, repeatedly, and is a good example for other would-be Buyers – and Sellers - to hear, and consider, perhaps, why you, too, should do business with Carolyne.)

= = = = = = = = =

“I relocated to Burlington from the USA about 3yrs ago. When I knew that I was making the move, everytime I was here, I would drive and drive and drive through the area I wanted to live in. Looked at signs, looked at the area, how close to shopping, etc.

But the house I am in??? Found by CAROLYNE. SHE did the work, found the house, figured it was a good fit and called. Off we went to look at it, and here we are.

[i] LOVE my house, and AGAIN a huge thank you to Carolyne for finding it.

So, in the end ... yes yard signs -- because they really showed me what was for sale in the area. But I never called the agent. I would check in online or have *my* agent get me the info.

Thanks again -- for finding us "the best house in Burlington".


= = = = = = = = =

(My posted response:)

“I have to tell the truth. I watched Doug's reactions (and yours) at other properties in areas you had discovered on your own and wanted to explore. 

It wasn't rocket science - you gave off all the right signals. I just "listened." And when I discovered this property, thinking it was underpriced for the market I set about trying to figure out why.

And when I discovered this one I felt it was an EXACT "fit" for several reasons (kitchen for you; pond for Doug & gazebo type deck and finished basement for your entertaining lifestyle in all seasons) however I nearly didn't show it to you because it was slightly outside the area you wanted to be at. 

But you agreed to view, and as they say the rest is history. Every house sells from the front door, in my opinion. 

Buyers simply then walk the property to validate the decision they even unknowingly, sometimes (but you knew) made back at the front door.

Had we not persevered that night we never would have got it for that price. The difficulty I encountered was that the Seller was in the midst of recalculating market pricing and wanted their agent to take it off the market. 

You acquired not only your home but a grand investment. Instant equity in large $$$. Timing is everything. 

It was, simply put, YOU - as in "both of you." A natural "fit." It SPOKE. Glad you love it. 

That's what a professional REALTOR(r) does that makes the difference... We listen to unspoken words.” ~ Carolyne L


The same day, this post (below) appeared on another real estate forum, submitted by a man named Dave. I don’t know who Dave is or if he is a member of the public or a fellow REALTOR®. Nonetheless, either way, he paid me a nice compliment, that I share with you, the readers, here below:

Dave writes: “REPRESENTATION is the key to doing the best job possible for your clients. You have an advantage over your competitors in that you will rarely, if ever place your clients in a dual agency situation. You can offer a higher level of service to consumers than most of your competitors by representing your clients 100% of the time.

The BIG advantage you have is being able to offer consumers your many years of successful real estate and EXPERIENCE.”


It was with great determination that Carolyne was able to find our dream home. We had several requirements and she was able to guide us through the different neighbourhoods showing us the best places to live.

Carolyne seemed to know when there was a valuable place nearly ready to be shown. The timing was crucial for us to visit and make an offer on a house that had another offer at the same time. Her advice made our offer stand out and we were able to buy our wonderful place.

It is beautiful to sit in the backyard and hear all the birds. This place is very special, you were correct in this aspect. We know that we have a wonderful location, acquired at the right price.

We are thrilled with our purchase . . . and are certainly in your debt. We basically made a windfall of 10'S of thousands of $ in one night due to your efforts. You told me that you earn your fees and you were not kidding . . . I sensed that you were for real

Our house is perfect and we would not be there if not for you. You seemed to know it was the one for us and made sure we considered it. Homes like ours are rare and becoming more so as you know. I love it so much I often go home for lunch just to enjoy my property! Best buy I ever made. (Max added)

Thank you Carolyne.

Danielle Parent and Max Williams
Heart Lake, Brampton, Ontario

(Carolyne says:The Parent/Williams team were a challenge to say the least. They had wonderful ideas about where they wanted to live and a long list of prerequisites, and the price point they preferred. The challenge was that the two motivations were not compatible. I knew exactly what would appeal to them and where it was located - there just weren't any for sale, and the chances of one coming along within their price point was slim to none.

Finally we came to a meeting of the minds; a property popped up on a street where houses rarely come for sale that met ALL their criteria. It was vital to get them there pronto, since these types of homes at the listing price were a rarity for sure.

Our offer won out against another offer the same night, in place by another real estate agent who wanted the house for his own residence. Danielle and Max were open to my suggestions, and my system worked. Thus they were able to acquire a wonderful investment, as well as their personal residence.

The listing agent, who knew me only in a business sense, told his sellers that although the offers were both similar in price, that he knew my reputation as a no-nonsense REALTOR® and that they could trust the information in our offer to be absolutely relied upon, thus he recommended they accept it. (That was also a huge compliment from a local colleague, and genuinely appreciated.)


You would think that all real estate agents would have your best interest at heart. Well that is not always the case.

Now enter Carolyne. She is the ultimate professional.                   

Communication is her No.1 priority. We never once had to call to find out how the showing went or the open house. Within minutes of people leaving we had all the information.

We knew about every house in our area that were alike or for sale just the way it should be, but not always is.

Carolyne becomes your partner in this campaign. She is honest, fair, trustworthy, and a very genuine person. With Carolyne you work with the real deal, not an assistant or coworker or stand in, you get the name that is on the sign and that name is......... 
Carolyne REALTY CORP.........

We now consider her a friend and highly recommend her.

Ken and Trish Bowman  Burlington Ontario.


Carolyne is the best of the best! She knows her stuff. Very patient, organized and on top of everything. Always makes you feel like you are her only client! Would not think twice to recommend her to anyone.

Paula Tzouanakis and Derrick Anderson

(Carolyne says: We worked together from August till December, reviewing information about hundreds of listings in several areas in the city, eliminating them one by one without seeing them. These wonderful young adults had plenty of patience and they listened carefully to my advice about "what they should not buy, and where." They had read my "articles" on the web site, and as a result made initial contact on line. Sometimes it just takes a long time for things to come together, just right. Following an extremely difficult and tedious offer situation, they finally have a place to call home.)


Pawel, the children and I are settling down nicely in our beautiful new house. We would like to thank you for EVERYTHING that you did for us over the past few years looking for the perfect fit for us. I am sure that it was probably not the easiest task to do given all of our requirements! Through all the ups and downs of buying and selling the house, you were able to keep us focused and motivated that it would eventually work out, which it did. The children are really happy and have made friends with so many of the neighbours already.

Both Pawel and I would like to recommend you and your services to anyone who would need an agent to make their dreams come true. We wish you well and hope that you continue to have success in your endeavours. Sincerely,

Pawel and Maria Szczepanski

(These very patient Buyers "and" Sellers Carolyne worked with for nearly three years to find the just-right wonderful property that they will likely stay in for a long long time and then she helped them sell their prior home. We turned a very tedious situation into a very wonderful relationship for both sides; patience is the key.)

My wife and I would like to thank you for the help and advice that you gave us when selling our home. As a 'rookie' seller I was very nervous going into the market, but your constant support and guidance made the process less difficult and certainly less painful. Your knowledge of the market saved me from making a number of mistakes, and you protected our privacy whilst showing our home. I would recommend you to anyone in the housing market, especially anyone for whom service and hard work are important. Best wishes going forward.


(Although a rookie seller, Jim and his wife were the original owners of a home nearly twenty years old. The process was long and at times very frustrating and difficult for all concerned but patience was the master key and the end goal was reached successfully complete with more than "six hundred" emails and nearly as many phone calls to capture and confirm appointments, appraisals, and all the other discussions related to selling. Talk about team-work... this is a perfect example of a seller and his agent "working together, climbing many mountains.")

When we hired you to sell our house, what we expected was an advantageous sale in a reasonable amount of time. What we got was a dynamo! Expert advice, generous support, and unending professionalism put our house in a coveted position. You handled difficult negotiations smoothly, and the house was sold in days. Thank you for your leadership, and your teamwork.


(relocating through Nalco Chemicals - Burlington, Ontario, Canada - to Chicago, Illinois)

I would like to tell you how much I appreciated the way you helped me with the sale of our home. I had lived there for 18 yrs. and you made a painful situation much easier for me especially with dealing with my seperation and arranging a meeting place where we could all talk. It went very smoothly as did the paperwork and everything concerning the selling of our home. I would like to thank you again for all your hard work.

Yours truly,

Brampton, Ontario


Dear Carolyne;

Now that the sale of our home has been concluded, Joanne and I wanted to let you know how pleased we were with everything you did throughout the entire sale process. Through your hard work, patience, business savvy and incredible knowledge of the real estate market, we were able to get a top dollar for our home within a very short period of time.

As well, you provided superb and timely feedback every step of the way and at no time did we ever feel that we were not being kept informed. Your calm, personal and organized approach had a significant impact on reducing the stress of the selling process for us and we always felt very comfortable in speaking freely to you about any issues that arose.

As you know, prior to asking you to represent us, Joanne and I interviewed several other “high profile” agents who all promised to do great things, but upon further questioning, it became quite apparent that they could not match your personalized approach and often handed off their clients to underlings during the sale process. To us, that method had the potential for some serious miscommunication and we simply weren’t interested.

We will (and already have) refer you to our friends and neighbours who may be considering selling their homes because we are so confident in your abilities. Thank you again for your guidance, expertise and understanding

Two very happy clients,

Dave and Joanne K
62 Hillside Drive, Brampton


We interviewed a few "experienced agents" in the area before calling Carolyne. We had done a lot of homework preparations such as cleaning up clutter, fresh paint and added home décor.

The other agents didn't even comment or care, just wanted to sell the house to their convenience and at a low price to get it off their back. I was shocked that they called themself professionals . . .

Prior to interviewing Carolyne, we sent a quick email inquiry and she responded right away with a personal touch and that caught our attention.

During our interview process, she immediately noticed all the detail we put into the house and gave really great suggestions to make it stand out even more.

We like her business approach where she caters to your needs immediately and wants to get the best results for you while keeping a personalized relationship every step of the way!

M & L Szajek



Thank you so much for all your hard work and constant communication during the sale of our home. The instant feedback via email and phone was such a wonderful support to us as well as the amazing number showings and the several offers that you brought to us during this time. As well, it was very reassuring to see your incredible knowledge of the selling contract and the law with regards to the entitlements and obligations of all parties under Canadian real estate law. You are definitely a pro!

Thanks again, S and P L

I just wanted to say Thanks for all your guidance and patience. You were always available when we needed any information. It had been many years since we sold a house, and a lot of things had changed in those years. You were right there with answers to any of our questions, no matter how silly they might have sounded. No detail was too much trouble for you to look up for us. As you say, we were "Your People", you looked after us and worked for us on a daily basis until our home was sold.

If we ever come back to Brampton, we would certainly call on you to find us the perfect home.
Thanks Again,

P& L (moving from Brampton to Barrie)



May I say first of all, WOW. Thank you for not only a quick response but taking the time to write such a helpful, in-depth e-mail. You have really given me a place to start and I can't tell you how much I appreciate that.

I am going to take your advice and utilize your web site, and I will definitely get back to you with more specific info.

"M" in New York City - moving to Brampton

WOW! This is the only way to describe how both (my wife) and I feel at the moment. Only five days from listing and you brought two offers that were both higher than our listing price. A truly fantastic job.

I cannot put into words how happy we both are. From the moment we met I knew that you were the one we wanted to work with to find a new home for us and to sell the old one. You are not only a true professional but a person who follows through on your promises. It is not every day that one gets to deal with someone of your integrity and knowledge. Your approach to selling is the mark of one who knows the community in you which you live. The sign you placed on the lawn was only the beginning. The pamphlet you designed as well as the way you presented our home go far beyond any other agent we have dealt with in the past.

You made both (my wife) and myself feel that we had made the right decision and we did! I will be telling all of our friends as well as business associates that whenever they are in need of an agent, I know just the right person for the job. Once again, Carolyne, thank you for a job well done.


Sincerely, CL & PL


My wife and I want to thank you, yet again, for all the work you did for us in the marketing & subsequent sale of our house. Not only were we impressed by the speed at which you matched up the right buyer but also, more importantly, you always kept our best interest at heart. Even after the offer was accepted & we found out that our new home's construction was delayed, you gladly worked out an incredible agreement with the buyer for us to remain as tenants until our new home was ready.

A few points to the people reading this letter. Follow the tips and suggestions that Carolyne freely provides, they truly do help in the presentation of your home. You will also get a list of good contacts, these are quality people as well so don't hesitate to use them (we have). Most importantly, almost all real estate agents are friendly, courteous, and outgoing but very few are professional, hardworking, and have your best interests in mind . . . you are fortunate because you are sitting across from one of the few.

While it may get tiresome to hear, thank you Carolyne for making the sale of our home so easy. We will gladly refer you to any friends and acquaintances that the service of someone special. Have a great day.


Sincerely, PM


We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your efforts and sound advice in the recent sale of our home.

We had been told by other agents that our home would sell in these times for approximately $5000. less than what we paid for it one year ago. Imagine our surprise and elation when you sold it for $4000. more than our original purchase price.

The personal but professional manner demonstrated by you at all times made us feel that our future was secure I your hands.

How true the statement made to us by one of your competitors, when advised that we had chosen you to represent us, "You have chosen an excellent agent". Again, please accept our sincere thanks.


Yours truly, KC & AC  (Sold in 15 days - 2 offers - 98% of List Price)



Just a line to thank you for your help in finding us our new home. Your service was always professional, efficient and your interest and care for us exceptional. (Husband)

You worked very hard to get us the best possible deal and we can recommend you to anyone without reservation. Just a gesture in appreciation of the professional, efficient, helpful and friendly way you dealt with the purchase of our house. Many thanks and we trust your business will continue to flourish. (Wife)

(We chose you due to the following, not in order of importance - )

1)      History of success together with testimonials

2)      Knowledge of and length of time working in the area

3)      Interest shown and advice given even before appointment

4)      Quick response to telephone calls and emails demonstrating professionalism and efficiency.

Signed - GH & JH


I wanted to express our sincere thank you for your EXTREMELY proficient and professional services. With your years of experience in the industry, and your "tough as nails" work ethic, you knew exactly what we wanted after one meeting. Most of the realtors we interviewed were in and out in 10 minutes. You, however, were there for over an hour, which spoke volumes to us and it wasn't a big sales pitch either. You only brought qualified buyers, as to not waste our time and were in touch EVERY single day, after EVERY single showing to give us feedback, which was great! Without the advice you gave us on how to 'show' our home, we may still be living in Brampton. But now we are in Halifax exactly at the time we wanted to be.

I would highly recommend Carolyne Corp. to anyone who doesn't want the hassles and the "general care" of one of the bigger players out there. She truly cares about every detail and will not lead you astray!!! Even 2 months after our sale, we still keep in contact through ICQ, which is very nice because, you never know when we'll be moving back and may need her again. I would invite any potential clients to call me for more information on the excellent service we received.

Tammy Orr & Dan Densmore

Just a quick note to say how much we have appreciated the thorough and professional service that you have provided for us. During a busy move, it's comforting to work with someone of your level of experience and professionalism. Bottom line: you made us feel comfortable. I have forwarded a copy of this letter to our relocation department as well.

Jeff Lamb
Sales Manager
Emery Worldwide

(Relocating through EMERY WORLDWIDE from Birmingham, Alabama to Toronto International Airport, this family had three days to locate a new home, and get all the paperwork put together, in a market where there were very few listings from which to choose. Our team of experts supported us entirely throughout the process: lawyers, banking, insurance, temporary accommodation, doctors and dentists. Our clients know they can rely on us to help them get settled in as expediently as possible. Hats off to our team members, too! - Carolyne)

Your dedication, follow up and feedback was very much appreciated...the communication was superior...the drive and effort to get results was have exceptional skills.

Nelson H. LeDrew
Regional Sales Manager
Sun Pac Foods, Ltd.

We need more people like you in business today; action and results. I would simply tell people to list their house with the major player in this area, Carolyne (Realty) Corp.

M. Mitchell, President
The Mitchell Group of Companies, Ltd.

I am especially thankful to you for your 'behind the scenes' work and research. You minimized house previewing and saved precious time for Christmas preparations. Relocations can be stressful at the best of times.Thank you ... for all the little extras you did without asking.

VJM, Nortel (Northern Telecom)

I want to thank you for your dedication and hard work during my house hunting in Bramalea. I was very pleased of your knowledge of the Real Estate Market in Brampton. Basically you know everything about Brampton housing. Additionally, you clearly understood my peculiar housing needs (Relocation Benefits, Nortel employee, Future potential relocations, etc.). You always provided me with excellent Customer Service, making sure that my interest were protected and respected (Specially in the final negotiations with the owner and his Agent.). Thanks again for helping us to find a home that matched our needs.

LBA, Nortel (Northern Telecom)

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the top quality service you have provided my family and I during the past few weeks, as we purchased our new home in Brampton, and completed the sale of our present home in Mississauga. Your advice, guidance and excellent communication helped to smooth the way during this stressful period. My family and I appreciate your hard work which has made our dream a reality.

Mike S. Mahmassani
New Car Sales Manager
Brennan's Dixie Plymouth Chrysler
8050 Dixie Road, Brampton

Thank you so much for helping us sell our home. Your expert advice and assistance proved invaluable. We were amazed that our home only took a week to sell, and, for the asking price! I wish you the best of luck in the future and would be more than pleased to recommend your services to future clients.

Catherine Hind and James Hind
25 Hillside Drive

I wanted to drop you a note to express our sincere thank you. Your professionalism and continual, timely, communication updates during the search for our new residence was "top drawer". I think your success is attributed to that good old-fashioned, faithful word "service". Yours is second to none! It was a pleasure to work with someone who focused on our wish list, and then found a way to make us proud owners of it... thank you for making it happen.

G. Lambert
Windsor, Ontario

Carolyne is a very professional, dedicated and hardworking person. Carolyne is knowledgeable on market trends, which produced optimum results for us. It was a "pleasure" to work with someone who took all our needs into consideration. Thank you Carolyne

Deborah & Bob Austin

(Mr. and Mrs. Austin spent more than two years looking for the ideal property, with several agents. We consider ourselves fortunate to have been the ultimate choice as the one thru which they eventually did business, after only a few weeks of contact. The Austins were both Vendors and Purchasers. After we found the ideal new residence for them, their own home sold in just a couple of days, and at a premium price for their neighbourhood. Although they live in our immediate trading area, and recognized our name, they found us on the NET, and we communicated extensively by email, before securing an actual appointment.)

Carolyne, you are a class act! And the realty business needs more people like yourself. Your "personalism", dedication, drive and advice helped us not only to sell our house quickly and effectively, it made the entire process much easier for us. Thank you for your sincerity and help.

(and the verse on their personally chosen card received with beautiful flower basket is much appreciated, too -- cel)

Just a simple message,
One that's often heard,
But one with special meaning
In every single word -
A simple, heartfelt "thank you"
With warmest thoughts in mind
From someone very grateful...
To someone very kind.

Elizabeth Pare & Terry Martin
relocating out of province through UPS (United Parcel Service)



Business Card


Doing it right,
right away.




Then you owe it to yourself to call Carolyne Lederer, Broker, Carolyne (Realty) Corp., proudly one of Canada's award-winning, leading realtors for more than 30 years.

No one cares the way Carolyne Cares. She really cares! Just ask her past clients and customers, who come back to her year after year.


Results-net 5 Star Site Award To: Carolyne Realty Corp. August 9, 1998

Congratulations! Your Internet site has been awarded the Results-net Five Star Site Award, the highest bestowed. The award is given to those real estate related web sites that demonstrate excellence in design, usability and effectiveness, and show a commitment to using the Internet as a means of delivering information and providing service.Recipients of this award represent the top one percent of Internet Web Sites, and are truly the "best of the best"! All award winners are listed in a searchable directory with links to the winner's site and e mail address. Internet surfers can search the list of award winners by visiting the Results-net site at ""

Yours truly,

K. Douglas

Chairperson of the Awards Committee

"We are pleased and honoured to accept this prestigious award so generously offered by Results-Net. No wonder the Results-Net operation is so successful, in its own right. They are one of the most reputable organizations on the Net, and our link back to them will serve as a reference for anyone thinking of doing business with them, directly." - Carolyne

Very Good - TO: CAROLYNE (REALTY) CORP. Jan. 3, 1998

Your site is currently rated "VERY GOOD" by the International Real Estate Digest (IRED). Again, congratulations on having a terrific site!
Joann Crokrach,

We are extremely proud to accept this award. We were chosen out of more than 17,000.web sites world wide, represented on the IRED (International Real Estate Directory).

Here is a quote from IRED's V.P. Joann Crokrach taken by permission from her article on reflections of the real estate industry '97:-

"Real estate is a people business. The product is not inventory. It is service - personalized service.

Mixing Order Processing with One Stop Shopping may find the industry reeling as consumers flock to smaller companies who provide service and fulfill the emotional factors in purchasing real estate.

Simply put (purchasing of, on the internet). . .an automobile is not the same as (purchasing) a home. . ." (parens - mine)

Pure Gold - Real Estate Library "The Real Estate Library would like to acknowledge you for a great Web site. The Library has visited your site at random and has found it to be worthy to receive our highest award, "PURE GOLD", for design, content, accessibility, and relevance to the real estate community. This is awarded to less than 1% of all Internet sites. We congratulate you for your commitment to excellence."

Obviously we are proud to receive such an prestigious award, particularly since we are relatively new to the net. We do a tremendous amount of relocation work with other agents, enabling us to receive their referral business from all around the world, Alaska to Florida, Europe and Asia, as well as South America and Australia, and we are genuinely proud that, after serving our clients well since 1981, day after day we receive requests to serve them again, and again, and now to fill the needs of their children, as well.

May we share our expertise with you, too? We have a history in the area of getting the best price possible, in any given market, for the homeowner, and keeping the buyer happy, too. We were honoured to have been voted No. 2 Best Real Estate Company to do business with by the people of Brampton in the People's Choice Awards, and, like Avis - we, too, try harder.

You will be satisfied. Experience "risk-free" real estate. Where the golden handshake means good business - your business. It is as important to us as it is to you. You are not just a number or a file in the drawer. Personal service counts. Call the name most recommended.

We are really impressed by the overall quality of your website! I'd like to congratulate you, and would like to present you with our PersonalConnections "Innovation Award!" - really great work with your website!

Sarah Christie

Ravis Pick - Elite Site Congratulations! Your Web site has been selected to win an Elite Site Award. (Award mentioned in the Wall Street Journal 2/19/97 B1)

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