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This home opened to the market for viewings on Thursday. On Friday we had talk of offers coming in. On the weekend we received three excellent offers, with talk of more offers being considered by those buyers who viewed but couldn’t get their paperwork organized soon enough. So, with the initial third offer coming in above the asking price, the owners were pleased to install the SOLD SIGN (This is not to say the property was not priced right in the first place - it definitely was.)

We are very fortunate to have been chosen to represent the sellers during this sale.

Read the seller’s comments, as to why they chose Carolyne, at Carolyne’s Clients Speak.

Ask Carolyne how she got a sale price that was 90k higher than one neighbouring property, same model, sold just a few months ago. Ask Carolyne how she got a sale price 70k higher than a similar property a few blocks away, and 100k more than a nearby recent sale. Marketing is everything. To learn how to get top dollar for your home – well, these sellers say: “You Should Call Carolyne”.

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