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Buyers and sellers gravitate towards familiar names and symbols that have become associated with quality and reliability in the real estate business. Carolyne is a familiar name in the real estate community (sometimes even referred to as That Girl Real Estate) - and the logo CAROLYNE REALTY CORP. is a symbol of her quality service and reliability. When you have a home to sell in Burlington or in Brampton, you will want to interview Carolyne before you sign a listing with anyone else. See article:

Down Memory Lane in Real Estate

To find out why there’s a big difference between paying an agent just to list your home in MLS, and getting real VALUE for your money spent, you should call. Carolyne knows how to get “top dollar” for your home, in any market. Carolyne understands agency “representation” (you need it); she understands “fiduciary duty” (she will honour your requests); she knows real estate contract law (“your” contract comes first); and, ALL your business will be kept confidential (that’s your right).

To find out how much “your” home is worth, compared to the prices of other homes in your neighbourhood, CALL Carolyne (historically one of Canada’s top producers). It’s good to know someone who knows, it’s you that counts the most. 905.458.6711

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Don't Allow Competition Bureau To Remove Consumer Privacy Protections   
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and Click Here Informative Website
The government needs to hear from "you."

SENIORS BEWARE - Toronto Star Story - March 2012  

Attention Brampton Real Estate Buyers: Down Payment Assistance Possible  
First come first served ~ Homeownership assistance plan at Peel Region now available. Check it out. Tell them Carolyne Realty Corp. sent you. Inquire at the Region of Peel number in the link to see if you qualify. Then email Carolyne@Carolyne.com

Smart Meters ~ Burlington and Brampton hydro supply:  
(Danger - what you may not know)

Perhaps share this information with your friends. Information about the smart meters that hydro is installing throughout the world (mandatory) and the electro magnetic field damage to people's bodies from the radiation. Carolyne Realty Corp. assumes no responsibility for the information contained in this link; it is provided for information sharing purposes only.

Should I list with a large company or a small company?
(Or what company size does have to do with it all, anyway)

Mortgage Cancellation Insurance  
 (Exactly what is it that you do not know about "your policy?")

Carolyne has serviced the executive homes market almost exclusively over the years, and has wonderful references and testimonials: See Carolyne's Clients Speak (reference letters).

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Homeguard Funding




“Carolyne is Celebrating 30 years as a Premiere Executive Homes Agent”

Let Carolyne show you how it's done: A level of service, expertise, and excellence you will have difficulty matching anywhere else. ©

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When you are ready to sell: How would your home look,
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NOTE: Expired Listings - BUT IF YOUR HOME WAS LISTED FOR SALE - AND IT DID NOT SELL - contact "Carolyne" right away to find out why it did not sell. When you need a SOLD SIGN ~ why SETTLE FOR ANYTHING LESS ~ No listing is complete without a SOLD sign (c)

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