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This is just one of the ways that your home will be promoted to local and relocating buyers and to other local MLS agents, as well as those around the world, when you list with us. We sell other agents' listings, and they sell ours. That's what MLS is all about.

Due to the large number of buyers who want to look at houses, "WE NEED YOUR LISTING NOW" ... call or email us today! You don't want to miss those qualified buyers.

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Millcroft Bungalow - Freehold - at Millcroft Golf Course on Dundas Street, Hwy. 5, Burlington ...
$459,000 - MLS #W1697069

SOLD for full price in only 3 weeks. TWO OFFERS. Highest price any seller has received on MLS listing in this subdivision.

You would think that all real estate agents would have your best interest at heart. Well that is not always the case.

Now enter Carolyne. She is the ultimate professional.                   

Communication is her No.1 priority. We never once had to call to find out how the showing went or the open house. Within minutes of people leaving we had all the information.

We knew about every house in our area that were alike or for sale just the way it should be, but not always is.

Carolyne becomes your partner in this campaign. She is honest, fair, trustworthy, and a very genuine person. With Carolyne you work with the real deal, not an assistant or coworker or stand in, you get the name that is on the sign and that name is.........                                
                                  Carolyne REALTY CORP. ........
                   We now consider her a friend and highly recommend her.
                           Ken and Trish Bowman  Burlington Ontario.

This letter was written by the Bowman’s, not by Carolyne (some agents write their own testimonial letters and have the public sign them), and is so gratefully received.

Carolyne treasures her “Carolyne’s Clients Speak” file on her web site, that is just a small representation of many hundreds of satisfied sellers and buyers. Carolyne expressed many times how grateful she felt to have been chosen to represent the Bowman’s, and that they were right up there with her top ten clients she has worked for over the years. They made themselves available at every juncture of the transaction, even when it wasn’t always convenient. They never complained and were always at the ready, to receive potential buyers into their home. Perfect mix.

They followed her instructions to the ‘t,’ and the result was a speedy sale, comprised of not one, but TWO OFFERS. Their home sold to two separate buyers, one bumping out the other, only a week apart. The whole transaction from start to finish only took about three weeks on the market, in an otherwise down marketplace. The Bowman’s received the highest price (FULL LIST PRICE!) that anyone in the subject subdivision has received to date, for like property. It’s what Carolyne does best (negotiate).

Some properties in the subdivision were for sale with multiple real estate companies, for more than a year. Their home was representative of what really works to achieve the highest price in the shortest marketing timeframe: neutral, upscale décor not overdone; spotlessly maintained inside and out. It works every time. You can see the pictures at

If you are thinking of selling a home in Burlington you owe it to yourself to contact Carolyne to find out how she achieves these remarkable results time after time.                                                       


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Executive Townhouse, Burlington, Ontario...
$347,300 - MLS #W1330058

This house on Silvan Forest Drive was listed previously by a Burlington agent, and sold by Carolyne on MLS at 304k. Only five months later Carolyne relisted it, and it sold again on MLS, this time for $340,000. Carolyne was told this home would never sell for such a high price. Why? Because it had not happened before in that area, colleagues said, and they noted that the market was down, not up. What “was” she thinking? they wondered. 

Always on the cutting edge of marketing, Carolyne knows how. Carolyne knows how to market homes to get the very highest sale prices. You should call to find out how she does this, if you are thinking of selling your home in Burlington. 

Read Carolyne’s history at:  

And, check this out: Year after year our clients vote us #1 in service excellence!  
Carolyne's Clients Speak (reference letters) 
Let Carolyne show you how it's done: A level of service, expertise, and excellence you will have difficulty matching anywhere else. © 

And, another success story

Soon after, Carolyne brought an offer to another Burlington MLS Seller who was listed, and she sold that house for the highest price a Seller ever received in that subdivision in recent times. 

Only a few months later, Carolyne brought an offer on a large detached Burlington home listed on MLS by another real estate company, selling it for a price higher than the asking price. Everyone agreed the MLS listing price was on the low side of value for the quality being offered in the marketplace.  

Her buyers are extremely happy. Houses in that area, since that sale, have sold for tens of thousands of dollars more. Her buyers accumulated “instant equity.” These buyers could sell any day, and walk away with tens of thousands of profit dollars, because Carolyne understands VALUE and explains it to her Burlington buyers and sellers. Got a house to Sell ?   Read all the consumer education articles and then ~

Talk to Carolyne before you list your Burlington home for sale; or send her an email at   And visit  

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